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Valley Health Chaplaincy Services

Spiritual Care When People need it most

Stained glass window at the All Faiths Chapel at Winchester Medical Center
The stained glass window found in the All Faiths Chapel at Winchester Medical Center
was created by local artist, Sallie Ebert.

Valley Health Chaplaincy Services provides spiritual and emotional care for patients, their families, and hospital staff. The chaplains are clinical professionals who have special training to care for hospitalized patients of all faith traditions or no faith tradition.

  • You may feel lonely, confused, upset, afraid, or sad—we can offer emotional and spiritual support.
  • We listen if you want to talk.
  • We support you during grief or loss.
  • We support you when you’re facing healthcare decisions.
  • We are confidential and nonjudgmental.
  • We minister to people of all religions and cultures.
  • We pray with you, if you wish.
  • We can arrange for the sacraments.
  • You don’t have to be a member of a church or faith community to see a chaplain.

How do I request a Chaplain?

Ask any staff member to page 1000 for a chaplain, 24 hours a day.

Meet the Chaplains

Erik Wikstrom: Lead Chaplain

Erik Wikstrom: Lead Chaplain

Deanna Boynton: Associate Chaplain

Photo of Deanna Boynton

Mary Elkind: Associate Chaplain

Mary Elkind

Kyle Hayes: Associate Chaplain

Photo of Kyle Hayes wearing blue tie

Melanie Lewis: Associate Chaplain

Photo of Lead Chaplain Melanie Lewis wearing yellow shirt.

Ola Oladubu: Associate Chaplain

Photo of Ola Oladubu

Jeff Fletcher: Staff Chaplain

Photo of Jeff Fletcher

Robin Looney: Staff Chaplain

Photo of Robin Looney


If you are looking for bereavement and grief support or hospice care, these links below feature local and national organizations that provide resources for patients and their family members.