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Importance of Documenting Sex at Birth in Medical/Health Records

Why It's Important

As of July 2020, Virginia law allows for residents who don’t identify as either male or female to list their legal sex as X, instead of M or F.

There are many laboratory values or therapeutic decisions that are particular to an individual’s birth sex. In order to provide safe and effective care, it’s important that we document each patient’s sex at the time of birth. We will request this once, during the registration process; your response will become part of your health record and you will not be asked again. Valley Health does not discriminate based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Why does Valley Health need to know this information?

This information allows our providers to recommend and deliver the safest and best care for you, factoring in prevention and treatment considerations relevant to your sex at birth. We want to be sure that vital health screenings and treatment plans align with your genetic composition. Like the rest of your interactions with Valley Health, the information you provide is strictly confidential and will only be viewed by clinical staff who are actively participating in your care.

Once this information has been documented, your response will be logged into your health record and will not be requested at future appointments.