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Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

Our Goal

We assist individuals who are primary wheelchair users to achieve optimum independence, positioning and comfort in the use of their wheelchair and seating system. These systems may include manual wheelchairs, power/electric wheelchairs, motorized scooters, back systems and seat systems.

How It Works

The wheelchair clinic staff may include physical and occupational therapists whose role is to recommend appropriate equipment based on an evaluation of the patient. We do not sell equipment. Our recommendations are forwarded to a wheelchair equipment supplier. Various suppliers are available and may participate in the evaluation process.

After the evaluating therapist makes final equipment recommendations, then the equipment supplier submits those recommendations to the insurance company or funding source for approval. Once approved, equipment is ordered. An appointment for fitting and training is scheduled when the equipment is ready for delivery.

Contact Us

If you believe the clinic can help you, please consult your physician, physical therapist or occupational therapist. A prescription from you medical provider for a wheelchair evaluation by a physical and/or occupational therapist is required. Call 540-536-5113 for more information.


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