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After a severe illness, injury, or medical condition, many patients find themselves unable to drive. At Valley Health, we strive to help our patients return to normalcy. DriveAbility is our adaptive program that can help patients drive again. A registered occupational therapist/certified driver rehab specialist and certified driving instructor work with the patient to regain independence in community mobility and driving.

Services Provided

  • Pre-driving assessment: This service is performed in our clinic by a registered occupational therapist/certified driver rehab specialist. It is used to obtain information about an individual’s medical history, functional abilities, thinking skills, visual perception and reaction time.
  • On-road evaluation: Based on outcome of the pre-driving assessment and the individual’s driving goals, an on-road evaluation is initiated in cooperation with a driving school.

Both the occupational therapist/certified driver rehab specialist and certified driving instructor evaluate the individual’s driving skill and functional mobility. Our training vehicle is equipped with instructor brake and adaptive equipment such as hand controls, left accelerator pedal, steering devices, and adaptive turn signals to assist each individual as needed.

How to Get Started

If you think DriveAbility can help you, please consult your physician for a referral for occupational therapy driving evaluation. Call 540-536-1180 to make an appointment.


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