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Stay Home, Save Lives: A Message to Our Community

Stay Home, Save Lives: A Message to Our Community

Numerous organizations in and around Winchester, Virginia, have partnered together, urging our community members to follow Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s stay-at-home order. Together, we can protect each other and keep our community safe.

Our Request

We, as representatives of health care facilities, higher education and local governments, speak with one voice, in support of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s stay-at-home order, and plead with all residents of the Northern Shenandoah Valley to stay home.

By not leaving the region at all, and by not inviting those from outside the area who might already be infected, you will protect the community we all so dearly love.

Let us be clear: If you stay home, you WILL save lives. Unity, now, will protect our community and those who are most vulnerable.

We all now know, staying home is the single most effective way to lower infection rates. By lowering infection rates, you make it possible for medical personnel to provide those who are infected with the best possible care, in facilities that are not overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases.

Being separated from loved ones and friends isn’t easy for any of us. It feels uncomfortable and unnatural to exchange in-person visits with family and friends for video chats or phone calls. Students are taking classes online or working on assignments at home. Daily life is conducted differently — at a distance. These are sacrifices we must make and guidelines that we must take seriously.

By maintaining a distance from others, we are protecting the entire community including those – from police and firefighters to health professionals and caregivers – who need to be on the front lines to fight this pandemic and keep our community safe.

Our community’s health is in your hands.


  • Mark H. Merrill, President and Chief Executive Officer of Valley Health System
  • Dr. Tracy Fitzsimmons, President of Shenandoah University
  • Dr. Kimberly P. Blosser, President of Lord Fairfax Community College
  • John David Smith, Jr., Mayor of Winchester
  • Charles S. DeHaven, Jr., Chairman of Frederick County Board of Supervisors
  • David Weiss, Chairman of Clarke County Board of Supervisors
  • Dr. Colin M. Greene, Director of Lord Fairfax Health District
  • Walter Mabe, Chairman of Warren County Board of Supervisors
  • Morgan S. Phenix, Chairman of Page County Board of Supervisors
  • Dick Neese, Chairman of Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors
  • Lenny Millholland, Sheriff of Frederick County
  • John R. Piper, Chief of Winchester Police Department
  • Les Taylor, Sheriff of the City of Winchester
  • William A. Garrett, Chief of Winchester FIre and Rescue
  • Charles Harbaugh, IV, Mayor of Middletown
  • Michael Diaz, Mayor of Stephens City
  • Dr. Jason Van Heukelum, Superintendent of Winchester Public Schools
  • Dr. David T. Sovie, Superintendent of Frederick County Public Schools
  • Dr. Chuck Bishop, Superintendent of Clarke County Public Schools
  • Tony Roper, Sheriff of Clarke County
  • Brian Lichty, Director of Clark County Fire and Rescue