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Valley Health Provider’s Memory Lives On With Help of Donor Generosity

Valley Health Provider’s Memory Lives On With Help of Donor Generosity

On March 27, a new Intensivist Workroom was dedicated in Winchester Medical Center’s Critical Care unit in memory of Mark Clinton, MD, who passed away in 2018 from cancer.

Dr. Clinton’s specialty was palliative care, including the care of the caregiver. He was a superb clinician, a compassionate provider and a steadfast partner. He worked for Valley Intensivists for five years before his death.

Since his passing, nearly $30,000 has been donated in his memory. These generously donated funds have helped provide bike helmets to children at local safety fairs, provided trauma kits to first responders to help stabilize patients until medical services arrive, and assisted in the creation of Friday Fun Carts, which are carts containing snacks and accessories meant to bring smiles to team members’ faces as they deal with Valley Health’s most critical patients.

“Gifts given in someone’s memory make a tremendous impact and keep the loved one’s memory alive,” says Jenny Grooms, executive director of Valley Health Foundations. “The incredible total of gifts for Dr. Clinton made it possible to dedicate a space to benefit his colleagues and all who come after him. Now, even those who didn’t serve alongside him can learn about his legacy of kindness and compassion.”

The Intensivist Workroom will accommodate the many providers who use the space for meetings, relaxation and meals. March’s dedication was organized by Glen Bouder, MD, and Kathy Price, office coordinator at Valley Intensivists, and attended by nearly 40 colleagues and many of Dr. Clinton’s family. Several Valley Health providers and team members shared their memories of Dr. Clinton at the dedication.