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Family Connections: The Simmons

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Family Connections: The Simmons

Valley Health takes pride in fostering an environment where families can work and excel together.

Let's meet husband and wife Corey and Amanda Simmons. Corey is a charge nurse at WMH and Amanda is a nurse in the observation unit at WMC. 


What do you like about working with your wife?

We have a busy schedule with two young children at home. Working for the same company allows us to synchronize our schedule.

Why did you choose VHS? 

I enjoy the sense of community at Valley Health and wanted to get away from city traffic. 


What do you like about working with your husband?

I like working in the same company as my husband because it gives me a sense of connection/shared goals. 

Why did you choose VHS?

I chose VHS because they have a good reputation in the community. There is a lot of opportunity for career development.