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Drew’s Story: Utilizing a Diverse Skillset

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Drew’s Story: Utilizing a Diverse Skillset

For caregivers like Drew Prout, a patient experience coordinator at Winchester Medical Center, guiding the patient experience with compassion and integrity is only half the story.

Drew is a former Operations NCO, USMC who spent the early 2000s serving the Marine Corps in a career that spanned over 11 countries and multiple wars. Upon leaving the military, Drew pursued a degree in communications and film production where upon completion, he worked for the Smithsonian Channel. Drew’s varied interests led him to explore careers in private security, fitness and personal training, wine making, hospitality management and emergency medical services.

Ultimately, a life-threatening incident changed Drew’s trajectory and guided him toward a career in healthcare.

“I was walking in the woods with my brothers when I was attacked by a swarm of bees. Highly allergic, I knew what was happening to my body and that I wasn’t going to last long without medical assistance. I remember telling my brothers to call 911, and thanks to their quick response and the excellent care I received, I’m still here today.” -Drew

After spending three days in the hospital, Drew felt a deep calling to give back. Inspired by the care he received, Drew embarked on a journey to reinstate his EMT license and search for positions available in healthcare.

Drew found his professional haven at Valley Health, where he currently serves as a Patient Experience Coordinator. In this role, he combines his military discipline, creativity, and passion for service to ensure both staff and patients feel supported and cared for.

"When you leave the military, there isn’t a lot of support. There’s no one there teaching you how to write a resume that shows how your skills correlate with certain jobs. Veterans bring discipline, adaptability, and innovation to the workplace, and Valley Health has supported me as a veteran and appreciates the perspective and skills I bring to the workplace.” -Drew

Recognizing the challenges veterans face when transitioning to civilian life, Drew is part of a mission to identify veterans who are within a year of discharge. Valley Health seeks to tap into the rich skill sets of these veterans, whether they were combat medics or held other critical roles.

“Veterans don't have to have healthcare experience to apply. Valley Health offers various roles where veterans can carry over skills, such as logistics, operations, and staying calm under pressure, which are valuable in the workplace. Veterans also have a global mindset and the ability to lead and be led, making them excellent colleagues.” -Drew

If you're a veteran looking for a place where your skills are valued and your experiences make a difference, Valley Health welcomes you.