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Valley Health and Blue Ridge Hospice collaborate to offer Hospice in the Hospital program at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, VA

Valley Health and Blue Ridge Hospice collaborate to offer Hospice in the Hospital program at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, VA

Valley Health and Blue Ridge Hospice have expanded their collaborative Hospice in the Hospital program to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital in Woodstock, VA. On April 1, the two signed an agreement for Blue Ridge Hospice to work alongside the hospital’s care team to provide supplemental comfort care services to ensure eligible patients and families receive the most complete and comprehensive care during and after their stay at the hospital.

Hospice in the Hospital has been available to patients at Winchester Medical Center since 2020, with plans for expansion in collaboration with Blue Ridge Hospice to the other Virginia regional hospitals in 2024. The partnership is part of Blue Ridge Hospice’s commitment to expanding access to high-quality serious illness and end-of-life care services, and Valley Health’s desire to provide exceptional care for our patients and families at all of the Valley Health Hospitals. “In keeping with our vision of care that is accessible, affordable, and exceptional for all, Valley Health is proud to be able to bring this care to more of our communities, allowing more of our patients to spend this time closer to their homes and families,” said Travis Clark, President, Shenandoah Memorial Hospital.

The program makes it possible for patients who meet General Inpatient, or GIP, criteria to begin receiving hospice care services during their stay at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital. “In addition to the excellent care patients are receiving from Valley Health, our dedicated team of providers and clinicians will provide expert pain and symptom management services and help coordinate the implementation of a synchronized plan of care, allowing for a seamless transition from inpatient care to hospice care at home if and when a patient’s condition allows. Our social workers, music therapists, chaplains, and volunteers will support emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual needs,” said Altonia Garrett, Chief Operations Officer, Blue Ridge Hospice. Blue Ridge Hospice also operates an 8-bed inpatient care facility located in Winchester, VA. The Inpatient Care Center can provide an alternative for patients who are stable enough to relocate but continue to need round-the-clock care and observation, freeing up the bed at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital for the next patient.

“Blue Ridge Hospice has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Valley Health that we are committed to continue expanding as we share the common goal of building a seamless continuum of accessible, high-quality, and compassionate care for all in the communities we serve,” said Jason Parsons, President and CEO, Blue Ridge Hospice. “Too often, families will tell us they wish they had contacted hospice sooner. Programs like Hospice in the Hospital help us identify patients in need of our services and move quickly to ensure they receive the hospice care they need.”

“We realize that decisions about hospice care can be difficult to make, and encourage individuals and families to have these conversations as early as possible so that their wishes can be followed,” said Travis Clark. “When hospice is needed, Valley Health is proud to partner with Blue Ridge Hospice in providing the best care and best options for our patients.”