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Changing Minds

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The Need:

Enhanced Mental Health Services in Our Community

These are people we know and care about. Right now they must travel…or wait for treatment.

Let’s build the future of mental health care…
A facility that is measured not in square feet, but in the lives touched--with the most therapeutic design and function, reflecting the clinical excellence delivered here, close to home.

Let’s invest to advance solutions to our community’s most urgent need...
Mental health was ranked as the highest priority health need across all of Valley Health’s service areas in the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment.

It’s time to act…
To recognize the dignity and potential in all our loved ones, and create a facility that reflects how deeply we care.

"There’s such a demand for mental health services in our community. Having a place in our community that supports treatment before a crisis occurs, keeping people from depending on the Emergency room to be treated in a crisis situation, and starting on the path to recovery sooner would be ideal.

During my decades at Timber Ridge School, I saw that treating adolescents in a residential setting can be very effective, but we only have them for a few months. If they go back to their old environment with no additional support, the relapse rate is very high. Having a bridge program locally, like what could be at the mental health pavilion, would provide them the support they need after discharge to have a healthier, successful future."

Dr. John Lamanna, LMFT, LPC

Addressing the Need:

A Mental Health Pavilion

  • Build… A free-standing facility where people can heal and thrive, restore relationships with others, and themselves.

  • Create… a new program for youth to protect and support mental health, along with providing treatment for substance abuse through an intensive outpatient program.

  • Expand… our adult mental health program and include treatment of substance abuse to decrease mortality from overdoses and the incidence of children needing social services intervention due to caregiver addiction.

  • Establish… a Digital Health Center… that places our providers at the fingertips of local community medical offices to allow patients throughout the region to receive prompt care.
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