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The Need:

Making Health Care Accessible to Everyone

These are our neighbors and friends — people we care about who delay seeking medical attention because they don’t have the time or the means to access care.

Let’s bring care into our communities...
By taking preventative services to places of work, worship, schools and more, we can prevent unnecessary emergency visits and late-stage diagnoses.

Let’s create access for our most isolated residents...
By placing telehealth access on a mobile health vehicle that brings primary care and specialty care to patients where they live and work.

It’s time to take community health in the right direction…
By making care possible for anyone, anywhere.

mobile units

Addressing the Need:

Mobile Health

  • Less than 50% of eligible women in our community are getting their annual screening mammogram. A Mobile Mammography Van ensures that transportation or work schedules don’t prevent women from getting this life-saving screening.
  • A Mobile Health Clinic will drive better outcomes for those most in need in our community, offering on-site screenings, tests and treatment.
  • Equipping a mobile health vehicle with Telehealth Access expands the care that can be brought to remote locations across our region.
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