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Hernia Repair

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hernia?

A hernia is a full-thickness defect or hole in the strong layer of the abdominal wall called the fascia.

Where do hernias commonly occur?

  • At the navel, referred to as an umbilical hernia
  • In the groin on either side referred to as an inguinal hernia
  • Anywhere along the abdominal wall referred to as a ventral hernia
  • At sites of prior surgery referred to as an incisional hernia

What goes into the hernia defect or hole?

Most commonly fat from the abdominal wall or from inside of the abdomen protrudes into the hernia. In some cases, the small intestine or the colon protrudes into the hernia.

What are the signs and symptoms of a hernia?

A hernia could be without any symptoms, it could present as a bulge or an area of swelling, it could also present with pain which could range from mild to severe. Rarely a hernia presents as an emergency requiring immediate surgical treatment, for example when the small intestine or colon is stuck (incarcerated) in the hernia causing a bowel blockage, or causing compromise of the bowel (strangulation).

Valley Health Surgical Partners

What are the options for hernia repair?

The surgeons at Valley Health Surgical Partners specialize in different techniques of hernia repair. The technique chosen for the final repair is tailored towards each patient, taking into consideration the type of hernia, the patient’s prior medical history, the patient’s prior history of surgical interventions and the patient’s preference.

  • Open hernia surgery uses a cut or incision over the site of the hernia, the hernia could be repaired with or without the use of a screen (mesh) as a form of reinforcement depending on the specific condition.
  • Minimally invasive surgery involves the use of three to four small cuts, each measuring 5 to 8 mm, to allow the introduction of a camera and surgical instruments to repair the hernia from inside the abdomen, Winchester Surgical Clinic surgeons sometimes use the DaVinci Xi robot cutting edge technology as a tool to repair your hernia with the goal of minimizing pain and tailoring each repair to the specific needs of the patient.

How do you schedule an appointment for a consultation with Valley Health Surgical Partners?

You can either be referred by your primary care provider, or you can contact our clinic directly and make an appointment with one of our specialists. Our friendly staff will do their best to get you seen in a timely manner.

How do you prepare for your office visit?

Please make sure you bring with you to the office visit, all media (CD with images on it and printed reports if available) containing ultrasounds, X-rays and/or CT scans pertaining to your hernia condition.

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