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Cardiology Services

Cardiologists are responsible for evaluating the condition of your heart and cardiovascular system as a whole. Their diagnosis provides a clear picture of what type of treatment a patient will need, whether that’s direct intervention, surgery, drug therapy, or lifestyle changes. Cardiologists may only see a patient once, or they may take leadership over a patient’s continuing treatment.

If a patient requires immediate intervention—such as when a patient has a blockage keeping blood from vital areas—cardiologists will act quickly to ensure patients are kept safe and healthy. These can include implanting stents, angioplasty, or minimally-invasive procedures that do not require open chest surgery. These procedures are all performed in the catheterization lab (or “cath lab”).

Providing the Immediate Care

Due to the nature of heart issues, fast intervention is crucial to survival and short-term health. At Winchester Medical Center, we are proud to say that our efforts to eliminate long waits in our catheterization labs have resulted in shorter response times and better patient outcomes, particularly for heart attack victims.

Providing Advanced Care

Valley Health offers a broad range of comprehensive services and the most experienced, highly trained cardiologists in the region. We provide treatment using the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology that the field has to offer, ensuring that our patients are getting the best possible treatment.

Valley Health and Winchester Cardiology and Vascular Medicine have expanded their partnership to enhance heart and vascular services and expand patient access to cardiovascular care in the region.

Valley Health offers cardiology services at Winchester Medical Center and at multispecialty clinics associated with other Valley Health hospitals and locations.

Consult your physician today and consider scheduling an appointment with one of Valley Health's cardiovascular specialists.

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