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Welcome to Winchester Cardiology and
Vascular Medicine I Valley Health

The Leading Cardiology Practice in the Northern Shenandoah Valley

Our experienced, board-certified cardiologists, physician assistants and nurse practitioners are here to help you achieve and maintain optimal heart and vascular health. Heart disease is one of the most prevalent health conditions worldwide, and our facilities are solely focused on helping you prevent and manage your heart condition. Equipped with advanced imaging and interventional technology, we have the tools and resources needed to treat all forms of heart disease.

Your cardiologist is a resource for all things heart and vascular. Recovering from heart disease requires daily diligence and lifestyle changes. Our services go beyond providing medication and check-ups – we take the time to educate our patients about their specific heart health needs so that they can maintain a heart-healthy lifestyle. Your best interests are at the heart of every recommendation we make.

Our Team

Our physicians are caring, knowledgeable, and highly trained individuals with a passion for excellent medical care. Search through our list to find the right doctor for you.

Meet the Team


Winchester Cardiology and Vascular Medicine I Valley Health welcomes Dr. Raveen Chawla to our team. Click below to learn more about him.


Get to Know Dr. Reese

Get to Know Dr. Reese Board Certified in Cardiology, Dr. Reese is an important part of the Winchester Cardiology and Vascular Medicine I Valley Health team. Watch his video to learn more!


Our Locations

We have two primary offices and five outreach locations available.