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Anticoagulation Management

Advanced Care for Heart & Vascular Patients

For the safety of our patients, providers, staff and the community amid the COVID-19 pandemic, changes have been made to Anticoagulation Management services. Visit for more details.

Valley Health’s Anticoagulation Management Program was developed to better serve patients who have taken Coumadin or Warfarin, common blood thinners that decrease the body’s ability to clot blood.

Common conditions physicians prescribe blood thinners for:

  • Deep Leg Vein Clots
  • Lung Clots
  • Heart Attack Recovery
  • Heart Procedure Recovery
  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm
  • Heart Valve Replacement

When a patient is taking an anticoagulant, they may require careful monitoring to prevent further injury or health complications. The Anticoagulation Management Program provides the support of registered nurses and other professional support staff who can answer questions and provide care for local patients. Feel free to call with any concerns you may have over your health or medication in relation to Coumadin therapy or blood thinners.

Convenient Setting for Optimal Health

We understand the importance of careful monitoring and support following a heart or vascular procedure that involves blood thinners. That’s why we created our program in all six hospitals throughout the Top of Virginia region and West Virginia.

The Anticoagulation Management Program provides a convenient setting for patients to receive help and care with maintaining their target range for their blood’s clotting ability. We also provide resources and information on the drugs prescribed to them and their potential effects.

You can make an appointment near you by calling:

For decades, Valley Health has been providing advanced cardiovascular care to patients in the surrounding regions. We care about helping you maintain optimal health and manage your medications, even after you’ve gone through a major surgery, procedure, or treatment at one of our facilities.

Partner with Valley Health today. Healthier, together.

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