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Prevention & Screenings

The importance of early cancer screening cannot be underestimated. The American College of Radiology has found that the mortality rate of breast cancer alone has decreased by 30 percent since the implementation of yearly scheduled mammography screenings.

This should be a strong reminder of the importance of cancer screening and prevention. By ensuring you take steps to prevent cancer from ever developing, you can live a healthier, richer life.

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force suggests not-to-be-missed screenings for breast, lung, colorectal and other cancers. This independent panel of experts uses evidence-based methods to arrive at their recommendations.

Valley Health is your community partner in fighting cancer. We help battle this disease through prevention and early screening.

Screening Services We Offer

With hospitals and medical facilities in the Top of Virginia and nearby West Virginia region, Valley Health is proud to bring communities together with the care they need.

We offer a range of screening services such as:

Every Woman's Life

The free medical clinics in Frederick, Page, Shenandoah and Warren counties, in partnership with Winchester Medical Center, participates in Every Woman’s Life, a Virginia Department of Health breast and cervical cancer screening program, for eligible women. Click here to learn more.

Learn more about the importance of regular cancer screenings in Dr. David Switzer’s Summer 2021 HealthLink article, All About Screenings: Get in the Groove with Your Regular Screenings.

Lifestyle Choices to Help Prevent Cancer

Not all cancer can be prevented, but research has indicated that an overall healthy lifestyle can help shield the body from certain types of cancer. For example, maintaining regular appointments with a healthcare provider allows for treatment of precancerous lesions, which can reduce or eliminate the risk. Getting vaccinated can also lower your risk for certain types of cancer.

Cutting out tobacco, limiting alcohol consumption, and using sunblock lotion or other protection from the sun for your skin can all help reduce your risk for cancer. Other healthy choices that can minimize cancer risk include eating a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits, maintaining a healthy weight, and remaining physically active.

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