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Breast Cancer

Valley Health Breast Center

About one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Breast cancer occurs when cells in the breast begin to overgrow. These overgrown cells usually form a tumor that can be felt as a lump. Almost all breast cancer occurs in women, but about 1% of all breast cancers are found in men.

Mammography, an x-ray test to examine the tissue that makes up the breast, allows most cancers to be detected at an early stage. If follow-up testing is needed, Valley Health offers the latest technology in breast imaging including 3D mammography, breast ultrasound and MRI, as well as molecular breast imaging (BSGI) and image guided needle core biopsy. Learn more about breast screening options at Valley Health.


The management of breast cancer often involves several different medical specialties, with some therapies directed at the cancer site (that is, in the breast), and others, such as chemotherapy, directed at disease elsewhere in the body. Following diagnosis, in general, the first physician you see will be a surgeon. Other specialists who may be involved in your care include medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and plastic surgeons.

Valley Health Breast Center

The Valley Health Cancer Center has a nationally accredited Breast Center offering comprehensive care for patients diagnosed with breast cancer.

With enhanced early detection methods and advanced cancer treatment, Valley Health is committed to beating cancer and helping our community live healthier, together. Contact us today for more information.

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