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Nancy’s Physical Therapy Success Story

Nancy’s Physical Therapy Success Story

Nancy Daniels’s walks over 10,000 steps every day at her job. So, when she tore her meniscus hiking, she knew a quick and effective rehab program would be needed. After meniscectomy surgery with Dr. Mesfin Shibeshi and a 2 week resting recovery she started physical therapy with Rebecca Grayson, PT at Valley Health Physical Therapy | Riverton Commons. She spent four weeks with Rebecca and her knee feels better than it did even before the injury.

Rebecca and Nancy started therapy with a focus on stretching, swelling management and getting flexibility back in the knee. From there, the program progressed to balancing exercises and strengthening the knee. Several modalities were used on her including taping, dry needling, and tool assisted massage. A stationary bike and other various exercise machines were instrumental in getting Nancy’s strength back in her knee.

This was a 4-week program, 3 times a week and then twice a week once Nancy was back at work. The team was able to work with Nancy’s work schedule to get her appointments scheduled at the most convenient times.

Nancy and her therapistNancy is a fan of the Riverton Commons location. She said, “This was a really positive experience for me. I was really pleased.” Because of Rebecca’s care and concern, the efficacy of the rehab has improved Nancy’s knee so much, it feels better than it did even before the injury. Nancy noted how quickly she was able to get an appointment at the Riverton Commons physical therapy location.

She appreciated how closely she could park to the building and how friendly and helpful the staff is. “It’s calm and peaceful, you can really focus.” That focus paid off, Nancy was able to get back to walking over 10,000 steps a day with zero restrictions. And once the weather warms up, hiking!