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EpicCare Link - Access for Community Providers

Your easy, secure connection for Valley Health referrals & patient records

What is EpicCare Link?

A tool for maintaining continuity of care --when patients receive care at Valley Health facilities, providers will have access to up to date information on their Valley Health patients. EpicCare Link is a HIPAA compliant, secure web portal of view only, real time patient records. EpicCare Link is not an EMR solution and cannot be used for documentation.

Who can use EpicCare Link?

Community care providers who share the same patient population that receive their care at Valley Health facilities. Including but not limited to:

  • Referring providers
  • Referred to providers
  • Clinical and office support staff
  • Affiliate billing companies
  • Post-acute care facilities
  • Community based and public health organizations

What are some EpicCare Link features I can expect to see?

  • View results of tests, labs, imaging, procedures
  • View patient demographics, including insurance coverage
  • View hospital admissions and discharge information
  • Ability to place referrals to Valley Health
  • View future appointments for your patients
  • Send secure messages to Valley Health staff and providers
  • View notes and reports
  • View medication lists

Get Started

Email to start the process.

New Functionality

Happy Together Link

  • With Happy Together Link, users can access all their EpicCare Link accounts in one place.
  • Users with accounts at multiple organizations can now log into one account to access all their accounts without having to use each respective account username and password.

Site administrator features

  • The site administrator will be able to view/edit users demographic information, reset passwords and perform site verification.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What additional software needs to be installed?
    1. There is no additional software requirements. EpicCare Link is accessed through any high speed internet connection.
  2. I need further assistance
    1. A quick start guide will be available after you login.