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COVID-19 Vaccinations

Make a Plan - Get Vaccinated!

Please Note: The Valley Health Apple Blossom Mall COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic closed December 11. Visit our How to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine page for more on location information, availability and age requirements.

Vaccination Makes a Difference

Protect yourself. Protect your family. Protect your community.

When it’s your turn, take your shot! The Virginia Department of Health encourages those receiving the vaccine to get the first vaccine available to them.

What You Need to Know

COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe and Effective

  • Once you are vaccinated your risk of dying from COVID-19 is dramatically reduced
  • Once you are vaccinated your risk of being hospitalized for COVID-19 is dramatically reduced
  • Over 300 million shots have been given so far
  • You can’t get COVID-19 from the vaccine
  • There are no known deaths from the COVID-19 vaccine

Please note - The U.S. FDA has granted full FDA approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for individuals 16 years and older. The vaccine continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA) for individuals 12 through 15 years of age.

COVID-19 is Dangerous: Over 800,000 Americans Have Died

Know what puts you and your family at risk:

  • Public facing jobs
  • Many people living closely together
  • Health issues like diabetes, heart disease and lung disease
  • Communities of color continue to be hit harder than other communities by this disease

It's Worth It

There are so many reasons to get vaccinated. It’s safe, it saves lives, and it’s worth it.

The facts are clear. COVID-19 is dangerous and the vaccine is safe and effective. When it’s your turn, take your shot!

Preparing for Your Vaccination

  • Wear short sleeves or a shirt that provides easy access to your upper arm before arrival.
  • You may not be able to get the vaccine if you:
    • Are currently having COVID-19 symptoms
    • Have had a severe allergic reaction that required medical intervention
    • Allergic to any component of the COVID-19 vaccine

Still Have Questions?

To obtain a copy of your card, please click here or visit your local health department. Please note there may be a charge for replacement cards.

As part of a partnership between the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association (VHHA) and the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), Valley Health healthcare professionals help answer common questions patients may have before receiving their vaccine. Click to watch each individual video:

For answers to more frequently asked questions, please visit this page.