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Common Conditions & Treatment

Radicular Pain/Sciatica

  • Radicular pain is often experienced as pain down the leg, buttock or arm, and may be caused by spinal stenosis or a herniated disc. Radicular pain may also be referred to as sciatica or sciatic nerve pain in some cases. A diagnostic and treatment approach using target specific epidural injections can provide pain relief. Radicular pain can occur in the legs and arms. Physical exam and diagnostic imaging findings alone may not be sufficient to determine the specific source of neck, back or radicular pain.


Painful discs in the neck and back

  • Pain originating from a disc is a common cause of chronic neck and low back pain. A painful disc in the neck or back may benefit from epidural steroid injections or other treatments.

Disc generated by osteophyte formation

Sacroiliac Joint (SI joint) Pain

  • SI joint pain can cause significant pain in the low back. Diagnostic and therapeutic joint injections may be used in the management of this painful condition.

SI joint new

Painful facet joints in the neck and back

  • Painful facet joint arthrosis is also a common cause of chronic neck and low back pain and cannot be reliably diagnosed by standard imaging studies. Diagnostic injections followed by radiofrequency ablation also known as neurotomy can provide relief for this condition.

Facet joint

Hip Joint Pain

  • In order to treat hip pain, the first step is to determine if the hip joint is the source of the leg, groin or back pain. This may be done through the use of traditional imaging as well as diagnostic injections. If the hip joint is the cause of the pain, then we can treat with therapeutic injections to provide relief.

Male bone anatomy

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