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Family Connections: Janie and Jeana

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Family Connections: Janie and Jeana

We like to think of Valley Health as one large family, and nothing personifies that more than when family members work together in our health system. Let's meet sisters Janie Simpson and Jeana Reel.


What do you like about working with/near your sister? Family is of the utmost importance to me! I actually introduced my sister Jeana to the Medical Radiology program here at Winchester Medical Center. She already had a bachelor’s degree but didn’t feel fulfilled with her non-medical job. She is now flourishing as an amazing X-ray, CT, and MRI technologist. I love that Jeana, her husband Dennis, and I can all relate to the demands and schedules that come with working in the medical field. Even though we all work in different departments within Valley Health, we continue to learn and grow from one another. They both make me so proud and shine as star employees.

Why did you choose Valley Health? I am from Hampshire County, WV. Eighteen years ago, our community didn’t have much to offer as far as nursing jobs. I was familiar with Valley Health and did most of my clinical rotations at WMC. I felt comfortable in my decision to start my career here. I am proud to say that this year marks 18 years of service for me as a Valley Health employee.


What do you like about working with/near your sister? I work with several friends and family at HMH and at WMC when I pick up shifts there and it's comforting seeing familiar faces daily. We all have the same intentions to care for the patients to our best ability. At HMH we all work close together because we have no specialty teams, therefore we grow a special bond.

Why did you choose Valley Health? I went to the Radiology program at VHS. I then worked at WMC for a tad until a position at HMH opened, which is seven minutes from my house. I love working with people I've known for years and taking care of the needs of the community/family/friends to which I seem to know 75% of them already. They too are happy to see a familiar face, so it's a win-win for everyone.

Work With Family

At Valley Health, we are looking for passionate, innovative, and caring people who will each bring their unique skills and perspectives to our workplace. We believe our exceptional team members are the foundation of our culture and key to our success at providing safe, high-quality care with high reliability.

We encourage our caregivers to invite their family, friends and network of dedicated colleagues to work (and perhaps live) in a community like ours. We offer an employee referral bonus program which includes a $1,000 and up to $5,000 bonus (depending on position) for the referring employee. Visit this page to learn more.

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