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Family Connections: Mother-Daughter Duo in Winchester Medical Center Labor & Delivery.

Family Connections: Mother-Daughter Duo in Winchester Medical Center Labor & Delivery.

Pictured from left to right: Amber Osburn and Pam White

We like to think of Valley Health as one large family, and nothing personifies that more than when family members and couples choose to work together in our health system. Take it from Pam and Amber, a mother-daughter duo in Winchester Medical Center's Labor & Delivery department.

Mother Pam White: Labor and Delivery Charge Nurse, RN, Winchester Medical Center

Daughter Amber Osburn: Labor and Delivery Administrative Assistant, Winchester Medical Center. Amber was previously a Mother/Baby PCT for seven years.

Why did you choose to work to Valley Health?

Convenience and location; but also due to the vast job opportunities available. Plus, Ortho was my foot in the door on the way to getting to L&D.

Pam: I love working with Amber! She started out on Mother/Baby as a patient care tech, and I used to say ‘I deliver ‘em, she takes care of ‘em!’ Amber has always been way more comfortable with the baby care aspect, so it was always neat to see her in her element with care and teaching. Now that she’s on L&D with me, it’s simply fun. We don’t always know ahead of time that we’re scheduled together, but sometimes we'll check. Amber fits right in with everyone here. It helped that most people knew her, but newer people will work with us for a while before they find out we’re related, and then they think it’s great.

Amber: We work on the same unit, so we understand the background and terminology of what is being discussed, and we are also there through the tough times on the unit. It is nice to have a shoulder to lean on, that truly knows you outside of the work environment, when the day is tough. She pushes me to be the best, and I only hope that I do the same for her. Another benefit of working on the same unit as my mom, who has worked on L/D longer than I have been a tech, is that the entire unit ends up becoming family, even outside of the workplace. Choosing to work in the healthcare field was not a direct result of my mom being a nurse, but it definitely played a huge part. I have always been a caring and nurturing person in general, so I thought what better way to put my skills to use than working in a field that is always needed.

Work With Family

At Valley Health, we are looking for passionate, innovative, and caring people who will each bring their unique skills and perspectives to our workplace. We believe our exceptional team members are the foundation of our culture and key to our success at providing safe, high-quality care with high reliability.

We encourage our caregivers to invite their family, friends and network of dedicated colleagues to work (and perhaps live) in a community like ours. We offer an expanded employee referral bonus program which includes a $1,000 and up to $5,000 bonus (depending on position) for BOTH the referring employee AND the new hire being referred. Visit this page to learn more.

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