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Community Event Participation Request

Application for Community Event Participation

Valley Health believes in being a good community partner and seeks to impact the health and well-being of the communities where we live and work. We are proud to support and participate in health fairs, wellness expos and other community events. Our goal is to contribute to making our communities healthier and more vibrant.

Would like Valley Health representation at your upcoming community event?

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Participation Criteria

Valley Health will consider the following criteria in determining whether to participate in a health fair or community event:

  • Timeliness – Is the request being submitted at least 8-weeks prior to the event date?
  • Service Match – Does the request align with the mission, vision and outreach objectives of Valley Health.
  • Resource Availability – Are Valley Health personnel and resources available to meet the request? Would this be an effective use of Valley Health’s resources?
  • Target Audience – What is that target audience for the event and the anticipated attendance?
  • Event Sponsor – Is the requesting entity a recognized community organization? Will the event be well-planned and organized?

Thank you for thinking of Valley Health. To discuss a program/initiative/event prior to submitting a request, please contact:

Tracy Mitchell
Valley Health Wellness Services
(540) 536-3040