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Important Information for Medicare Patients

As caregivers, nothing is more important to Valley Health than ensuring our friends and neighbors have access to the care they need.

We understand how complex and confusing Medicare can be. There are many different types of Medicare Insurance plans available, all competing for your business. These include Medicare Advantage, Supplement and Prescription Drug plans. While many companies offer Medicare coverage, what most patients don’t realize is not all plans include local hospitals and physicians.

Valley Health offers patients a variety of free Medicare resources in partnership with MedicareCompareUSA. MedicareCompareUSA is committed to helping patients in their search for Medicare Insurance that meets their personal needs and preferences while enabling continued access to trusted healthcare providers. We encourage patients to take full advantage of these free resources, including a toll-free helpline for patients to compare and enroll in accepted Medicare plans:

Valley Health
Medicare Plan Comparison and Enrollment Helpline

Serviced by MedicareCompareUSA

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Call Toll-Free, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST

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About Our Partner: MedicareCompareUSA

MedicareCompareUSA is an independent insurance agency not affiliated with the federal Medicare program. All services provided at no cost; MedicareCompareUSA and affiliated agents are paid directly by the plan you choose. Healthcare providers receive no financial benefit when patients use the service. Patients are free to contact each Medicare plan directly, work with any licensed insurance agent, or access Medicare plan information by calling 1 (800) MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) or online at