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Medical Weight Management

The Valley Health Metabolic and Bariatric Program is designed to help you achieve a healthier weight, using a combination of therapies. We recognize that not everyone is ready or willing to have surgery and that is why we offer medical weight loss options. Your medical provider will work with you to decide which plan best meets your needs.

Medical Weight Management is for those who:

  • Adolescents 16 and older (Surgery not offered until 18 years of age)
  • Adults that do not qualify for surgery
  • Adults that do not want to have surgery
  • Want or need help with weight management after Metabolic & Bariatric surgery

Nonsurgical Medical Weight Loss Program

Treatment Options

Our plans are designed to address the multiple needs related to weight loss. You and your provider will tailor a plan to best meet your needs:

  • Comprehensive evaluation with a medical provider
  • Individualized meal plan, which may include replacement options
  • Education on lifestyle changes that can aid in weight loss success
  • Visits with a program dietitian
  • Metabolic Rate Testing
  • Medication therapy (if appropriate)
  • Referral to other medical specialists, including sleep medicine specialists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, and psychiatrists

Interested in medical weight loss?

Watch the information session video and complete the online demographic form on the Get Started page.

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