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Family Connections: The Ronshausens

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Family Connections: The Ronshausens
  • Mom: Heidi Ronshausen, Manager of Materials Management, Central Supplies and Services
  • Son: Draytyn Ronshausen, Nutrition Service Aide


What do you like about working with your son? I like the fact that I get to see my son in passing at work because it just reminds me that he could be doing anything else in the world, but he chooses to be a hardworking, independent 18-year-old that is helping assist those who need it. He works two jobs, is an honorary senior in high school and an outstanding brother and son.

Why did you choose Valley Health? I chose VHS because my mother Holly and her late husband Earl had been RNs here for several years and I always knew VHS to be their second family. And that’s what I have here today: a second family.


What do you like about working with your mom? I like seeing my mom at work because I get to see her in a different light—more than just being a mom at home but as a hardworking, excellent manager.

Why did you choose Valley Health? I chose VHS because my grandfather, grandmother and mother all worked here, and growing up I got to hear about all the positive impact they were able to make throughout the healthcare system.

Work With Family

At Valley Health, we are looking for passionate, innovative, and caring people who will each bring their unique skills and perspectives to our workplace. We believe our exceptional team members are the foundation of our culture and key to our success at providing safe, high-quality care with high reliability.

We encourage our caregivers to invite their family, friends and network of dedicated colleagues to work (and perhaps live) in a community like ours!