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X-ray Vision into a Medical Imaging Career

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X-ray Vision into a Medical Imaging Career

“I have always wanted to help others, and Valley Health has undoubtedly allowed me to achieve these goals.” Harold

Medical imaging is a crucial component of modern medicine. Ultrasounds help parents and obstetricians picture a baby in the womb to ensure the pregnancy is on track. Mammograms can detect breast cancer in its early stages. CT and MRI scans assist in determining whether or not a treatment is working effectively. X-rays check for broken bones, osteoporosis, and tooth decay.

Recently, we covered a team of radiology nurses at Winchester Medical Center. This week, we get to know two more medical imaging techs at Page Memorial Hospital in Luray, Virginia. Kelli and Harold share their career stories, and we have the opportunity to learn about their roles at Valley Health!

  • Kelli, Valley Health Page Memorial Hospital Radiology, CT/X-ray
  • Harold, Valley Health Page Memorial Hospital, Echo Tech

Kelli jones

What Is the Difference Between an Ultrasound Tech, an Echo Tech, and a CT X-Ray Tech?

Kelli: Each modality (ultrasound, x-ray or CT) requires additional testing in which to be certified. There is general schooling to become an Ultrasound Tech, however for Radiology and CT scan you then get your degree and license as a Radiology Technician to become certified.

What drove you to become a CT/Xray?

Kelli: Growing up, I was an avid athlete obtaining multiple visits for x-ray/CTs and surgeries, so I knew I wanted something in the medical field.

Harold: I began my Radiology career in the US Army as a Radiology Tech serving in a large hospital in Germany. After discharge from the Army, I worked at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital for ten years before it was part of Valley Health.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Kelli: I truly take pride in helping others and want to care for each one like my family. This is our hometown-- I know most of my patients, and they know me.

Harold: The various positions I’ve held over the years. In 1981 I worked as a radiology tech and moved into special radiology procedures, angiography, and the cardiac cath lab within a few years. After studying echocardiography in 1999, I transferred to the cardio/pulmonary lab and the WMC echo lab. In 2004, I learned diagnostic and vascular ultrasound. I now work part-time as an echo tech at PMH.

What is your connection to purpose/why do you work in healthcare?

Kelli: I enjoy helping others, especially building a bond with my patients from Oncology because we routinely get to see each other. I also enjoy meeting my ER patients that are not local and the stories of how they ended up in Luray!

Harold: My career has been very rewarding, and I certainly have enjoyed my work and the interactions with the Staff and Physicians. In addition, I have seen Winchester Memorial Hospital grow into the major healthcare hub in the area and become the Valley Health that we know today. It has been great to be a part of the transformation of Valley Health and learn and grow with the advancements in technology during my career.

Kelli with family