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Family Connections: Shenandoah Memorial Hospital Mother & Daughter Co-workers

Family Connections: Shenandoah Memorial Hospital Mother & Daughter Co-workers

Pictured: Eve McKinney and Mandy Everett

We like to think of Valley Health as one large family, and nothing personifies that more than when family members and couples choose to work together in our health system. Take it from Eve and Mandy, a mother-daughter duo at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital.


What do you like about working with your daughter: Mandy and I work in the Emergency Department. I work in Patient Access and she is a registered nurse.  She has made me very proud.  She is a great nurse and an awesome daughter. She is so caring and thoughtful. We are a team, not only here at work, but at home as well. I love when I take a patient to their room and Mandy is their nurse. I proudly say, this is MY DAUGHTER, she will be your nurse, and she will be taking care of you today!  As I am getting older and am thinking of retiring, I will always cherish these special times together.

Why did you choose SMH: I moved here from South Carolina in 2007. Prior to moving here, I worked at a hospital in the operating room. I enjoyed working in the medical field and wanted to continue working in health care when I moved to Virginia. SMH in Woodstock is only four miles from my home, which makes if very convenient for me as well.


What do you like about working with your mom: I have worked for Valley Health all together a total of 12 years and my mom 16 years. My mom and I have worked together at Shenandoah Memorial Hospital for a total of eight years. We both started out in Patient Access. She stayed at SMH and I went to Valley Health Urgent Care in Winchester for a while and then I came back to SMH to work in the ED once I got my nursing degree. We have now worked in the ED together for the past four years. We both work day shift so we spend most of our days off doing things such as kayaking, camping, shopping, or just hanging out with each other. You could say we are not just mother and daughter, but best friends.

Why did you choose SMH: We enjoy working at SMH because it is a close commute, we couldn’t ask for a better team to work with, and we enjoy serving our community.

Work With Family 

At Valley Health, we are looking for passionate, innovative, and caring people who will each bring their unique skills and perspectives to our workplace. We believe our exceptional team members are the foundation of our culture and key to our success at providing safe, high-quality care with high reliability.

We encourage our caregivers to invite their family, friends and network of dedicated colleagues to work (and perhaps live) in a community like ours. We offer an expanded employee referral bonus program which includes a $1,000 and up to $5,000 bonus (depending on position) for BOTH the referring employee AND the new hire being referred. Visit this page to learn more.

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