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Family Connections: Labor & Delivery and NICU Mother-Daughter Duo

Family Connections: Labor & Delivery and NICU Mother-Daughter Duo

Pictured: Daughter, Holly Laitres: Administrative Assistant in NICU, and Mother, Sara Laitres: Labor and Delivery Nurse

We like to think of Valley Health as one large family, and nothing personifies that more than when family members and couples choose to work together in our health system. Take it from Sara and Holly, a mother-daughter duo at Winchester Medical Center.

From Sara

What’s it like working with your daughter: Holly is so caring and compassionate. As I pass families onto the next phase, if it includes the NICU, I know that her kind heart will be there to help each family! I love watching her share her creativity and talents with her coworkers and patients. I also love that sometimes we can have lunch together, ride together and be there to cheer each other on.

I know that she is always ready to lend a hand whenever she is needed for more than just NICU needs; she helps every part of Women and Children’s Services. I love that if I’m having a rough day, she’s not far away and has a word of encouragement, a hug, or even a treat to brighten my day. I love that I can do that same thing for her!

Why did you choose Valley Health: I have loved being a part of Women and Children’s Services, and now having my daughter here brings me so much joy! Being able to minister to the needs of our community in my work is such a gift.

From Holly

What’s it like working with a parent: I love working with my mom! She is a great nurse, and it is really cool because I always know if I have questions, she can answer them. She is an Epic educator, too, so when I was learning she was able to help me. It’s really amazing to see her at work, and I love hearing from her coworkers and her patients about how much they love her. She is one of my best friends, and I am really proud to work with her.

We try to match up our days as often as possible, so it’s nice because we can ride to work together and it’s always great working with her. Women’s and Children’s is a really special unit, and it’s really cool to be able to be part of the family. I learn a lot from her and from the other nurses on the units. I always loved visiting her at the hospital as I grew up, but now to be able to work with her is a real blessing. It's amazing to watch how things run and be a part of this beautiful process.

Why did you choose Valley Health: I decided to work here because of my mom. She started working here when I was 17, and I fell in love with Valley Health way back then. I worked downstairs at the Courtyard Cafe for a little while and I went to one of the programs offered through Valley Health a few years back and I knew I would work here someday. I love Women’s & Children’s, too, so I was waiting for a moment when a position would open up and I would be able to join the team. I hope to follow in my mom’s footsteps and become a Labor and Delivery nurse. When we moved here, I was amazed at how beautiful this hospital was and I was so excited for my mom to be working on such an amazing unit. Now that I am here, too, I still can't believe it!

Work With Family

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