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Finding the Perfect Match: Talent Acquisition at Valley Health

Finding the Perfect Match: Talent Acquisition at Valley Health

Megan's first role at Valley Health was as an ER float pool nurse. She progressed through the leadership ladder as ED/OBS Clinical Coordinator, then Manager, while earning her Master’s in Science of Nursing (MSN) degree. She then switched career paths and became a nursing supervisor, working with staff development, conducting interviews, and onboarding new nurses. She loved it. Shortly after, Megan decided to change her career entirely and joined the Valley Health Talent Acquisition team!

"There are so many opportunities within the system to grow, explore new opportunities, and find your passion. I like sharing my story with new hires to help them see the 'big picture' of what Valley Health offers." - Megan

It takes skill and finesse to connect the right people to the right job at the right time. Valley Health's Human Resources and Talent Acquisition team possesses these attributes, consistently bringing top talent to our organization which keeps our system thriving.

As the region's largest employer with over 6,000 team members spanning three states and 18 counties, we aim to attract compassionate people who are mission-driven to serve their community. And because we offer a variety of careers, flexibility, excellent benefits, competitive pay, and opportunities for career growth, Valley Health is a top employer of choice, receiving thousands of applications annually. As a result, our Talent Acquisition specialists stay busy in this fast-paced, high-energy, exciting career.

Generally speaking, Human Resources works closely with hiring managers to determine their hiring needs and to craft accurate job descriptions. Once the job goes live on job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed, the team drives the hiring process by reviewing resumes and applications, and sharing top candidates with the hiring managers. Once interviews are complete and the hiring managers have chosen their candidate, the team makes the job offer and begins the onboarding process, welcoming new team members to Valley Health.

We asked a few members of the Talent Acquisition team about what they love most about their role and working at Valley Health, learn more about this exciting career in the Q&A below:


What do you enjoy most about your role?

"I am part of a great team. The support I have from my team members and leadership is truly amazing. Each day differs from the next, and I am always learning."

What is your connection to purpose?

"As a teen, I was a housekeeper at Valley Health. I remember going through the offices in the evenings and thinking, 'one day...'

Now that day is here! It all came full circle, and now I work in the same office I used to clean."


What drove you to work in talent acquisition?

"I have always wanted to work in healthcare to make a difference in my community. After graduating from Shenandoah University, Valley Health gave me an opportunity of a lifetime to intern on the recruitment team. I knew right away this was my avenue to make a difference. As healthcare recruiters, we have the ability to impact candidates, their families, our organization, hiring managers, the community, and business. The pure excitement of offering someone an employment opportunity will never get old."

What do you enjoy most about your role?

"I love being able to connect with hiring managers and applicants. I get to build relationships every day that are extremely meaningful to me. Whether it is brainstorming staffing initiatives with a manager or helping an applicant find their dream position, I get to help in that process, which is extremely rewarding."


What drove you to work in talent acquisition?

"I feel like I am helping across the system to get the units fully staffed and bring new talent to the organization. It has been a trying few years for our organization with employee departures and everyone going the extra mile. It makes me feel like I am helping to make Valley Health a great place to work for both our new hires and current employees."

What do you enjoy most about your role?

"I love the excitement in a candidate's voice when I offer them a position. Many of the offers I make are to people who are being hired for the first time or entering their chosen profession. It's great to be a part of the start of someone's career."

Are you interested in an exciting career in Talent Acquisition? Check out our current job openings here: Valley Health Careers (