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Family Connections: Paul and Caroline Ulich

Family Connections: Paul and Caroline Ulich

Father: Paul Ulich, MD, General Surgery

Daughter: Caroline Ulich, PA, Surgical Oncology


What do you like about working with your daughter: I love being able to discuss cases that we have individually and confer about mutual patients we might care for. The discussion and the learning go on in both directions. It’s an incredible blessing to see how far Caroline has come since her first exposure to medicine and surgery in high school … she is the real deal now! So proud! Our best times working together were two surgical mission trips we took to Haiti with other physicians and OR staff from WMC.

Why did you choose Valley Health: When I looked at job opportunities, I not only looked at the superlative practice I joined (Winchester Surgical Clinic) 33 years ago, but also the local medical institution (which was to blossom into Valley Health over the decades). There were top notch facilities and a medical staff that allowed me to practice at the high level at which I had just trained. The community of Winchester was also an equally big draw to us – a great place to live and raise our family.


What do you like about working with your father: I absolutely love working closely with my dad. Before I started with Surgical Oncology, I was in the Emergency Department for just about three years. I would call him often for consults and bump into him in the trauma room fairly regularly. It was great to have someone to look over my shoulder at CT scans and give me advice about patient care. The best part, though, was telling patients that they had an amazing surgeon taking care of them when they were being whisked off to his OR.

Now that I’m in a surgical specialty, it’s been wonderful to have such a great mentor. We love talking about our surgical cases and have even been caught practicing knot tying together on our days off! Dad has always been my biggest inspiration in my career, and I’m so thankful we get to practice closely to one another.

Why did you choose Valley Health: There were several reasons I chose Valley Health. You could say I quite literally grew up in this hospital. I was born at Winchester Medical Center and made numerous trips to the hospital in my younger years to visit dad. As I grew older, I began shadowing physicians/physician assistants, and even began scrubbing into the OR to observe at 16 years old. I had several rotations at Valley Health during PA school, which solidified my decision to work here. I have always had wonderful mentors/peers, and have nothing but good things to say about all of the staff here at Valley Health. (Fun fact: I even met my husband through VHS at the Wellness Center!)

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