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Back in the Game - Thomas’s Story

Back in the Game - Thomas’s Story

Thomas Burgess experienced a series of events that brought him to Shenandoah Memorial Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation in Woodstock for rehab with Rachel Szymkowiak, PT, DPT. He fractured his foot playing basketball in 2017 and due to probable gait change, noticed right knee pain a year later while playing lacrosse. He was able to wear a brace to control the instability but after being hit by a car his knee got much worse and he had to stop participating in sports.

Rachel found through her evaluation, that Thomas’s left foot was highly supinated and his right foot lacked arch support causing his right knee to work harder to support his lower extremity. With the help of custom fit orthotics to improve his foot positioning, along with neuromuscular reeducation that included balance exercises for both his knee and ankles with Rachel, Thomas was able to rebuild his confidence in his knee and improve hip and leg strength.

Before rehab, Thomas was unable to even walk between classes without knee pain and was not confident his knee would hold him. With therapy, his confidence returned and he returned to the court.

Thomas was very engaged in his therapy, setting personal goals and was able to increase his strength quicker than the average patient. Thomas owes his success to his therapist, Rachel. He still uses the routines she gave him to this day, and felt her undivided attention at each appointment. Thomas would recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a physical therapist.