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Current Residents

Graduating Class of 2024

Katelyn Carpenter, MDKatelyn

Undergraduate: Miami University, Ohio

Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hometown: Covington, LA

Personal: I am delighted to practice Family Medicine in the Shenandoah Valley. I was born in Louisiana, raised overseas, studied international relations, and served in federal law enforcement before finding my calling in medicine. Family medicine is the perfect specialty for me, I love the variety of patients and the challenge of cultivating a broad foundation in medicine. My husband and I are thrilled to live in the Shenandoah Valley. We enjoy escaping to the mountains, spontaneous weekend road trips with our German Shepherd puppy, and raising an ever-growing flock of chickens!

Warren McGee, MD/PhD

Undergraduate: Columbia University, New York, NY

Medical School: Northwestern University The Feinberg School of Medicine

Hometown: Western Springs, IL

Personal: My life has been marked by bridging diverse experiences. I grew up in a multi-ethnic family, spending most of my childhood between West Virginia and the suburbs of Chicago. In high school, I was struggling to decide between pursuing music or medicine for a career. I studied biochemistry in college, but also got a solid liberal arts education. I straddled the medical and research worlds with my MD/PhD training, with my research project bridging “wet lab” molecular biology with “dry lab” bioinformatics. My wife, young son and I are ecstatic to be here in the Shenandoah Valley. I am looking forward to bringing my research background into family medicine and a community health setting, and learning more about how to integrate lifestyle interventions and data into helping patients manage chronic illness.

Isaac Prince, MDIsaac

Undergraduate: Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Hometown: Gloucester, VA

Personal: Hey all! I grew up in Gloucester Virginia, and moved to Richmond for undergraduate where I received a bachelor's in chemistry. I then continued my education at VCU for medical school. After 10 years in Richmond (Go Rams!) I decided to move to the Shenandoah Valley to practice the full breadth of family medicine. I look forward to providing affordable, high quality, patient centered care to all generations. I have a particular interest in life-style medicine as well as geriatrics.

Connor Sheehan, MD


Undergraduate: The College of William & Mary

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA

Personal: I have an amazing wife and a beautiful daughter. We have two dogs and a cat. I drink my coffee black. I prefer rainy days to sunny days and cold days to warmer days. Ice hockey is the greatest sport ever created. I love plants. My wife and I like to garden. I play guitar. Running is my meditation. There is nothing like a good book. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to be a doctor.

Jennifer Voorhees, DO


Undergraduate: Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, WV

Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Hometown: Winchester, VA

Personal: I am from the Winchester area, studied biochemistry at Shepherd College (now University), and then moved to Austin, TX for a research position at MD Anderson. Realizing that bench work isn't for me, I switched gears and went to school for acupuncture where I was able to spend some time in China. I then moved to Upstate New York where I rediscovered my love of mountains and seasons and randomly became a USA Luge official. Deciding to add to my acupuncture skills, I attended West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine to become a family medicine physician.


Raju Alluri, MDPhoto of Alluri

Undergraduate: Case Western Reserve University

Medical School: American University of Antigua School of Medicine

Training: Mt. Sinai Ichan School of Medicine Elmhurst Hospital Internal Medicine Prelim

Hometown: Ashburn, VA

Personal: Howdy! I grew up in Fairfax, Virginia throughout my childhood playing basketball and tennis; I idolized Jordan, McEnroe, Sampras, Federer. I eventually moved to Cleveland to study Biochemistry. Dismayed by research I looked for a human connection in medicine. My initial goal was FM, however, I ended up in Queens, NYC as an IM physician during the apex of the COVID 19 pandemic. Currently, with our goals realized, my wife (a Winchester Cardiologist) and my newborn son have finally returned home to Virginia.

John Bianco, DOPhoto of bianco

Undergraduate: Washington & Jefferson College
Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Personal: Hey all! My name is John and I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I completed my undergraduate degree at Washington & Jefferson College where I majored in psychology. Following college, I moved up to Lake Erie where I attended the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. I chose to pursue a career in family medicine because I enjoy the broad spectrum of practice as well as the continuity of care it offers. My hobbies include hiking, fishing, music, and cooking for my wife (or at least trying to).

Danielle Estrada, DOPhoto of Estrada

Undergraduate: Westmont College, Santa Barbara CA

Medical School: Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia PA

Hometown: McAlester, OK

Personal: I grew up living and traveling all over the United States, and I still love traveling both in the US and abroad with my husband. We have two Siberian Huskies that keep us pretty active outdoors all seasons. We've enjoyed living in the Shenandoah area and look forward to exploring it more over the coming years.

Paulius Mui, MDPhoto of Mui

Undergraduate: Boston University

Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University

Hometown: Vilnius, Lithuania

Personal: Family medicine is the coolest specialty on the planet. You get the perfect ratio of the breadth of skills and the depth of relationships. I look forward to deepening my roots in Virginia, and spending as much time as I can in the beautiful outdoors of the Shenandoah Valley.

Sean Sutphen, DOPhoto of Sutphen

Undergraduate: Pensacola Christian College

Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Virginia

Hometown: Herndon, VA

Personal: Going into medical school, my interests were geared towards global medicine. As I learned more about the needs in rural America, I became convinced of the necessity for me to stay and to practice with a local focus but also keep a global perspective. Full spectrum family medicine fits my vision of how I want to practice, and I look forward to honing my medical knowledge and skills here in Front Royal. I enjoy hiking, climbing, and mountain biking.


Stephanie LaFave, MDPhoto of Stephanie LaFave, MD

Undergraduate: Tulane University
Graduate: Tulane University School of Medicine
Medical School: Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in Shreveport SOM
Hometown: Asheville, NC
Personal: Growing up in the mountains and after an 11 year run in Louisiana, coming to the Shenandoah Valley feels like home. I am also very excited to be practicing Family Medicine in this community where we can see interesting pathology and stretch our scope of practice to fit the needs of our patients. I grew up playing golf and continued on scholarship at Tulane but afterward picked up rugby and hope to squeeze in time for both here, but will definitely be able to continue my foodie ways and enjoy the delicious cuisine in the area. Also my husband, Joe, and I have 7 furchildren (dogs) and 1 feather child (Andy the cockatiel) who also enjoy the mountain air, our yard and sitting on the back porch.

Delmar Martin, MDPhoto of Delmar Martin, MD

Undergraduate: National Autonomous University of Nicaragua
Medical School: National Autonomous University of Nicaragua
Hometown: Denver, Pennsylvania
Personal: I was born in Haiti, raised in central Pennsylvania, and lived most of my adult life in Nicaragua. This is where I completed medical school and became a licensed physician, while working with a church planting mission. The many experiences along the way have broadened my horizons and given me a desire to serve my fellow man. The broad-spectrum training, the strong support and drive for excellence that is evident among the faculty, and of course, the beautiful setting are a few of the many aspects that drew me to SVFRP. I am honored to be a part of the team and serve the local community. During time off, I enjoy playing piano and guitar. I also take pleasure in getting away to the hills to camp and hike. As time allows, I also like playing volleyball, softball, and racquetball. My greatest highlight is time shared with my family - my beautiful wife and son.

Carl Rudebusch, MDPhoto of Carl Rudebusch, MD

Undergraduate: College of William and Mary

Medical School: Medical College of Virginia

Hometown: Springfield, Virginia

Personal: Let’s go Nats!

Julie Shuster, MDPhoto of Julie Shuster, MD

Undergraduate: Georgetown University
Medical School: St. George's University
Hometown: McLean, VA
Personal: I was born and raised in and around Washington DC, majoring in Biology of Global Health at Georgetown. I then went way down south to Grenada for basic sciences and north to New Jersey for clinicals. Now I am very excited to be back home in Virginia! I love family medicine for the continuity of care, the relationship with patients, and treating the whole person. I have particular interest in women's health and end of life care. Outside of medicine, I love the food network (and attempting to cook), hiking, visiting vineyards, and music.