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Nurse Aide Training Program

For more than 20 years, Valley Health has helped train and mentor hundreds of area students through its Nurse Aide Training Program. Our unique program offers accepted students the opportunity to become paid Valley Health employees while training to become certified nurse aides.

During the 10-week training program, students will earn a salary as well as be eligible for a wide range of Valley Health benefits. In addition, those hired into the program will not need to pay tuition for the training nor be responsible for fees for background and drug tests or the expense associated with sitting for the national exam. At the completion of the training, employees will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent position with Valley Health.

We are fortunate that our region provides numerous educational opportunities for those wishing to become certified nurse aides, including area high school programs as well as through Laurel Ridge Community College.

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Becoming a Certified Nurse Aide can provide you with a rewarding career and open doors to other advanced nursing opportunities. Learn how to become a Certified Nurse Aide(CNA):

What is a Certified Nurse Aide?

  • A professional who provides care to a range of patients, from infants to the elderly
  • A member of the healthcare team who assists patients with performing activities of daily living, such as dressing, grooming and eating
  • A person who works under the supervision of a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse
  • A person who has completed a nurse aide training program as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia and earned certification by successfully completing a state exam

Nurse Aide Training Program Details

  • Classes are 10 weeks and usually begin quarterly.
  • Up to 20 students are admitted per class.
  • A valid ID is required and candidates are subject to background checks per applicable laws.
  • Selected student candidates are hired as temporary, per diem employees of Valley Health at a wage rate determined by Human Resources.
  • The course is free with a contractual agreement to work at a Valley Health facility upon graduation for a total of 1872 hours (equivalent to 1 year, full-time) as open positions allow and at the department hiring manager’s discretion.

Please note that there is no guarantee for completion of class or of a transfer position; you must successfully complete all course requirements as well as interview and be accepted by a receiving department to fulfill the employment contract.

To learn more about Valley Health’s program, please call 540-636-0695 or email