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Nursing at Winchester Medical Center

Nurses at Valley Health are committed to promoting the health and wellness of the individuals in the communities we serve. Nurses and nursing assistants are the hearts and hands of patient care and there is a lot going on in and around our health system and we are excited to share just a few things our nursing professionals have been up to. Below you will find information on our mission, vision and nursing philosophy, as well as a link to our Nursing Annual Report.

2015 - 2016 Nursing Annual Report


To improve the holistic health of those we serve through the art and science of nursing.


To achieve the highest quality outcomes through evidence based nursing practice.


The essence of nursing within Winchester Medical Center (WMC), a subsystem of Valley Health (VH), comes from the internalization of a philosophy that facilitates practice transcending all patient care settings, stages of human development, cultural and ethnic diversity, and the illness-wellness continuum. This philosophy is reflected in the mission of professional practice for WMC nurses as they endeavor to provide holistic care for patients, families and communities. The philosophy also supports the vision of nurses as leaders, addressing the quality of care for WMC patients in the changing health care environment, through evidence based nursing practice.

The nursing division advocates Dr. Joyce Dungan’s theory of Dynamic Integration. This theory views human beings as having three synergistic dimensions of body, mind and spirit, all of which are an integrated, organized entity, not reducible to discrete parts. We also embrace Benner’s theory of Novice to Expert, which is incorporated into our plan for orientation, education, and professional development. These concepts reflect and support important aspects of the organization’s mission, vision, and values.