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Important Information for those with Anthem of Virginia Health Insurance

A Message to our Patients and Community

We understand that Anthem has sent letters to our patients and local employers. We were dismayed to learn that they have chosen to communicate with our community, rather than directly with us, about the status of our contract negotiation. Regardless, we remain committed to reaching a new agreement with Anthem to protect patients from higher costs.

As we move forward, we want patients to know:

  • When Valley Health entered into contract negotiations with Anthem of Virginia earlier this year, we did so with one goal in mind: to achieve a new, fair agreement that would ensure our ability to care for our friends and neighbors now and in the future. That remains our goal today.
  • In late 2019, Valley Health identified an increasing disparity between Anthem and other local insurance companies. Valley Health first reached out to Anthem in April 2020. Anthem ignored our request for five months and did not reply until August 27 – three days before a contractual deadline. We believe ignoring our request for five months was a tactic Anthem used to limit our options to reach a new, fair agreement and to position our organization in an unfavorable light with patients.
  • Anthem has now suggested waiting six more months to reach a new agreement. Valley Health remains completely committed to reaching an agreement with Anthem before the end of the year because it is in the best interests of the patients we serve.

Valley Health recognizes these negotiations have been stressful for our patients. Both Valley Health and Anthem owe patients the peace of mind that would come with a new agreement.

We hope Anthem shares our commitment to doing what is right for patients and we will continue trying to negotiate in good faith. That is what patients expect and deserve.

Our Community Commitment

Valley Health is a not-for-profit, locally-led health system committed to providing patients with high quality care close to home. We are required to reinvest excess revenue back into enhanced patient services, new technology, safe, up-to-date facilities, and bring new caregivers to our community.

Recent mission-centered investments by Valley Health include:

  • Recruiting dozens of new physicians so patients don’t have to leave the area for specialty care or wait long periods to see a doctor;
  • Building a new replacement hospital in Warren County (the fourth community hospital Valley Health has constructed since) and making substantial renovations to improve access and capacity at other facilities;
  • Creating new Neuroscience and Orthopedic patient units in shell space of Winchester Medical Center’s North Tower to meet growing patient demands;
  • Purchasing new equipment for the Ambulatory Surgery and Cancer centers to achieve positive patient outcomes;
  • Acquiring state-of-the-art Da Vinci robotic surgery systems to offer surgeons greater precision, and patients faster healing and return to normal activity,
  • Opening accredited Urgent Care centers to provide convenient walk-in care for minor illness and injury;
  • Awarding community health impact grants totaling over $3 million to boost the efforts of nonprofit partners to improve health outcomes in our service area.

Fair agreements with insurance companies are essential for investments like these and for Valley Health to meet expanding and unforeseen patient needs. Additionally, these investments stand in contrast to the profits Anthem is passing on to its shareholders.

What You Need to Know

  • If Anthem continues to be unwilling to work with Valley Health, our caregivers and services will be out-of-network with Anthem beginning January 1, 2021. This means Anthem-insured patients could see higher costs for the care Valley Health caregivers provide.
  • Valley Health is committed to finding a solution that will protect patients. We are focused on ensuring our ability to continue confronting the COVID-19 pandemic and other health challenges and we have offered Anthem a solution to accomplish this goal.
  • As caregivers, nothing is more important to Valley Health than ensuring our friends and neighbors have access to the care they need. Thank you to all providers who have shown support.
  • Valley Health has long-term contract agreements with all other major insurance companies. Please know we are working with Anthem in good faith to protect your access to care.
  • Our valued patients need to know that nothing will change before January 1, 2021. Patients should keep the appointments they have scheduled with their caregivers.

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