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McKinzie's Story

The Ultimate Assist

This Is a Story About Basketball. And Redemption. And McKinzie.

After McKinzie Matheson tore her ACL and meniscus on the court, she thought her basketball career was over. But she went to Valley Health, where the most advanced surgical techniques are used — including minimally invasive approaches that spare healthy tissue and result in a quicker recovery with less pain.

Thanks to the breakthrough care at Valley Health, surgeons repaired her torn ACL and meniscus with the least invasive approach available, requiring only a few tiny incisions.

So McKinzie was back on the court this season, where she was named offensive player of the year. Now that’s redemption.

Watch McKinzie’s journey to see why the best of her basketball career is still ahead of her.

McKinzie, a high school sophomore basketball player, received an ACL & meniscus repair at the Surgi-Center at Winchester Medical Center.

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