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Winchester Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 25 Years

Winchester Rehabilitation Center Celebrates 25 Years

The team at 333 West Cork Street gathered yesterday to celebrate Winchester Rehabilitation Center’s 25 years of service to patients and families in our community. The inpatient rehabilitation facility opened its doors in November of 1992 and began offering hospital-level care and intensive therapy for patients whose lifestyle and physical abilities have changed due to injury, illness or trauma. Since that time, WRC has served more than 13,000 patients!

Among the staff members assembled in front of the facility for yesterday’s celebration were several who have been delivering care at WRC since its inception in 1992. The “originals” include Debbie Bender, Dave Booth, Cindy Georg, Betty Hardesty, Mary Anne Rickabaugh, Erik Rosa and Lisa Wilson.

Erik Rosa was among the first physical therapists to begin caring for patients at WRC. When asked what he enjoys about working at WRC, and what has kept him here for the past 25 years, he responded, “I love it here, first of all, because of the type of patients we work with. We get people who have been shattered by some unexpected event and develop close daily relationships with them as we help them reconstitute their lives.”

Ask any one of the original staff members why they love working here and you’ll get a similar response: “The patients and staff!”

In addition to the “original seven,” WRC boasts several current staff members who have contributed more than 10 years of service. Whether they have been here for one, 10 or 25 years, one thing holds true: WRC staff are making a real impact in the lives of their patients every day. Now that’s something to get up for each morning.