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Family Connections: The Fritts

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Family Connections: The Fritts

We like to think of Valley Health as one large family, and nothing personifies that more than when family members work together in our health system.

Let's meet the Fritts.

Kay Fritts: Supervisor of Nutrition Services, WMH

Brandon Fritts: Clinical Staff Pharmacist, WMH

Samantha Fritts: Epic ASAP (ED) Trainer


What do you like about working with family? I like working with my son because I get to see him every day and that makes my day. I am also glad I get to see him grow professionally every day. I enjoy working alongside Samantha as well because I have had the privilege to see her grow personally and professionally for the past 15 years.

Why did you choose Valley Health? I really enjoy working with patients and staff.


What do you like about working with family? I enjoy working at the same location as my mom because it allows me to see my mom (Kay) every day when I come in to work. She is always so happy, which starts the day off right. It is great to work with Samantha as well because she is always a great resource professionally and personally. It is great to be able to quickly reach out to her for help as she is always able to help with anything Epic related, and she is always there to support me and my career. I'm thankful I get to work alongside both of them.

Why did you choose Valley Health? I chose VHS, specifically WMH, as it was a way to work and serve the community I grew up in.


What do you like about working with family? I love that we’ve been able to see each other grow through all our career stages. Kay used to always check on me when I was in nursing rotations at WMH and into my nurse career at WMH too. I’ve had the privilege of watching Brandon grow in his career over the past 10 years as he moved from pharmacy tech into his clinical pharmacist position.

Why did you choose Valley Health? I wanted to be able to impact the patients and caregivers from my own community.

Work With Family

At Valley Health, we are looking for passionate, innovative, and caring people who will each bring their unique skills and perspectives to our workplace. We believe our exceptional team members are the foundation of our culture and key to our success at providing safe, high-quality care with high reliability.

We encourage our caregivers to invite their family, friends and network of dedicated colleagues to work (and perhaps live) in a community like ours. We offer an employee referral bonus program which includes a $1,000 and up to $5,000 bonus (depending on position) for the referring employee. Visit this page to learn more.

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