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Empowered & Proud

Empowered & Proud

Danielle Deuell: A Weight-Loss Success Story

At the Valley Health Metabolic & Bariatric Program, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care with a personalized approach to weight loss and other related diseases. Through innovative treatment options in metabolic and bariatric medicine, we help you improve your overall health and quality of life.

Our providers enjoy recognizing patients who have worked tirelessly to take control of their health and improve their lives. These individuals serve as a beacon of inspiration for others on similar journeys—and a great reminder that determination, personalized care and a lot of support can having a life-changing (and sometimes life-saving) impact.

Let’s meet Danielle Deuell

Q: What were the greatest obstacles with your weight?

A: The mental strength it took to not compare my journey to the journey of others, not weighing myself often, and identifying my “WHY.” Whether it was, “Why did I get like this” or “Why do I want this,” knowing both was my biggest motivator.

Q: What is your most helpful suggestion/advice?

A: The best advice I have is to get moving, drink water, and don’t only use Before and After pictures of other people to keep you going. The more I pushed myself to walk, the more I wanted to do it and begin working out. I found it was the best thing for my mental health. I would not have found that I love running long distances to clear my mind if I didn’t start walking.

The moving of my body moved the weight right off. Water kept me full. It’s great for my body in a dozen ways and helped push me through the times I thought I was hungry. Before and After pictures are great ways to see what you’re capable of, but it’s easy to get into a rabbit hole and start feeling like, “It happened so fast for them, so what’s wrong with me?”

Remember to take measurements and pictures because when you get like that, and you will, that’s ok. Use those tools to see that you ARE making progress.

Q: How did the support of others help you?

A: My best supporter was my husband. He helped prep my foods, reminded me to drink water, and made sure the kids and dogs were taken care of so I could focus on my healing and what I had to do to stay the course.

Q: How did our program help you succeed?

A: This program took me on a journey about myself before the surgery. It helped me learn why I turned to food, what was causing the “emptiness” I was filling with that food, and helped me to find new ways to cope. The staff and doctors took a very vulnerable time for me and treated me like I was genuinely important to them and that my success was a journey they were on with me. I never felt like I was just a patient they forgot about. Even three years later, they seemed proud of me, and that feeling was so rewarding.

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