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Deep Relaxation Sound Bath

About This Event

A sound bath saturates participants with sound waves produced by various instruments. Some common instruments used are singing bowls, gongs, flutes, hand pan drums, and the voice. Unlike a music concert that focuses on musicality, the sounds in a sound bath are simpler and often non-melodic. Many people report reduced levels of stress, anxiety, and physical pain while participating in a sound bath. Research is limited, but this practice has been shown to be a safe form of meditation and relaxation for most people.

What to Expect

During a sound bath, the facilitator will usually include some guided imagery to support relaxation and presence for the participants. This is followed by a period of the chosen instruments being played without talking. Participants are either seated or lying in a comfortable position that allows them to relax fully into the experience. Many people describe the sound as quieting for the mind, relaxing for the body, and soothing to the emotions.

  • Registration Cost: Free
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