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Beat the Heat! Think in Threes

The first true heat wave of summer 2016 will be rolling through our area this weekend. Emergency physician David J. Watts, MD, shared some advice on how to stay safe during this extreme heat.

Who’s Most at Risk?

  • Elderly (over 65 years)
  • Children (under 4 years)
  • Anyone who is ill or taking certain medications (read your prescription labels!)

How Can You Prevent a Heat Emergency?

  • Wear sunscreen and lightweight, loose-fitting clothing
  • Stay out of the heat and sun or take frequent breaks in shade or inside
  • Drink plenty of water; don’t wait until you’re thirsty

Know the 3 Phases of Heat-Related Illness and Their Symptoms:

  • Heat Cramps – muscle cramps and fatigue
  • Heat Exhaustion – pale skin, heavy sweating, headache, rapid pulse, fatigue
  • Heat Stroke – red, hot, dry skin; confusion; unconsciousness

If you notice symptoms of heat stroke, call 911 immediately.

Don’t forget about the heat index, which combines temperature and relative humidity and can raise the risk of overheating.

Also, check on your elderly neighbors, and never leave children or pets in vehicles.
Please stay cool and have a safe weekend!