Rosemary V.

  • Author: Rosemary V.
  • Date Submitted: Jul 28, 2016
well my story isn't a good one, dr bennet has never been nice to me everytime i am seen in the er, i have server endometriosis and i will get really sick with it. and i can not take birth control due to blood clots. and i never go in there asking for pain meds, and one day i went in and was really in pain, and he yelled at me to be quiet and was really mean to me. i yelled back at him, so he thought he'd get even with me and write in my medical record that i was in there seeking pain meds. i never once asked for it and or left with any. He only wrote that to get even with me for our argument. he is hateful everytime i am in there and i hear other people complaining about dr bennet. well i would love to be a dr to him one day. and treat him like he has treated half of front royal. its not right to put things and lies in peoples records like he did. and i will not stand for it.