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About Lynn Care Center

Lynn Care CenterEstablished in the late 1960s as a 40-bed unit of Warren Memorial Hospital and re-established for long-term care in the late 1970s, Lynn Care Center remains dedicated to providing quality care for patients who need post-hospital rehabilitation and skilled nursing care as well as for long-term residents.

The exterior of Lynn Care is designed to look like a private home, with accessible outdoor gardens and porches. Inside the building, we’ve used indoor plants, aviaries, aquariums and artwork to create peaceful and engaging living spaces. These elements add warmth, color and vitality and make living in Lynn Care more like living at home. Because we want to provide an enlivening environment, we have pets that live at Lynn Care including cats, birds and fish.

We offer skilled care for short-stay patients who need post-hospital skilled nursing or rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech therapy related to conditions such as stroke, arthritis, hip fracture, hip or knee replacement, cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, and diabetes.

Lynn Care Center catWe have a 26-bed memory support unit (Shenandoah Gardens) for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The unit has a secure wander garden that allows those residents to go outside safely and remain within the facility grounds. Another part of the facility is Park Lane, an exclusive unit with six private rooms, each with its own private bath, including shower. This unit features an intimate dining room and private sitting area. A nurse is on duty in Park Lane 24 hours a day just to care for these six residents.

Lynn Care Center is surveyed by the state each year for long-term care certification for Medicare and Medicaid.

As a part of Warren Memorial Hospital, Lynn Care’s direct access to the hospital building has many advantages for the residents, including the ease of access to acute medical care for emergencies.

For more information, call us at 540-536-0167.

Certified Nurse Aide Training

Lynn Care's certified nurse aide training model focuses specifically on training Valley Health employees to become certified nurse aides (CNA) so that they can help us better meet the unique needs of our residents. While certified nurse aide training classes are not offered to the general public, Lynn Care is able to hire employees and provide them an ideal environment in which to train to become a CNA. Candidates who are successfully hired into the program earn a salary are are also eligible for benefits while undergoing the six to 12- week training. In addition, those hired into the program will not need to pay tuition for the training nor be responsible for fees for background and drug tests or the expense associated with sitting for the national exam. At the completion of the training, employees will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent position with Valley Health.

If you would like to learn more about this employment and training opportunity, please call 540-636-0260.