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Peter S.

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"Today, I have my life back. I can climb a ladder again and my leg muscles have gotten stronger..."

"I was an active person but then, in my 60s, the pain in my left leg caused me to walk hunched over. I had to lift the leg of my trousers to get my leg out of the car. I began to sit or lie down a lot, since that eliminated the pain. My pain lasted for two years before I had my hip replacement surgery. It was determined that I had a slight genetic flaw that caused my hip to be misaligned. I was reluctant to have the surgery —I’d never had surgery in my life— but eventually decided to because I wanted to resume an active life. I tried to get into shape before surgery to increase my chances of getting better sooner. I recommend that people considering similar surgeries lose weight and develop healthy eating habits if they need to; it will make recovery easier. The surgery was a snap; it was over before I knew it. My wife, Carol, said it lasted less than two hours. I was on my feet later that evening. I went home the day after surgery and Carol helped me get around. She also played a role in making sure I did all the exercises—no shortcuts allowed! The recovery went well. I walked immediately with the help of a walker. Doing the prescribed exercises assigned by my homebound physical therapist really contributed to what the therapist later said was a relatively speedy recovery. I continued in outpatient physical therapy for about another month before my surgeon released me from the program. Soon I was lifting my left leg without any help from my trousers. My motivation to get better, the exercises, and the help of the physical therapists and my wife all contributed to my recovery. Today, I have my life back. I can climb a ladder again and my leg muscles have gotten stronger. I know that this is all a result of the hard work done by the medical staff involved in my recovery as well as my following the exercise regimen. I would recommend the surgery to anyone and I would recommend Dr. Stephen H. Martenson of Winchester Orthopaedic Associates as a surgeon. The facility, Winchester Medical Center, and its staff are to be recommended, as well. They met all of my medical needs and expectations!"