Anna A.

  • Author: Anna A.
  • Date Submitted: Oct 8, 2016
I could not have asked for a better Doctor! Dr Karmy delivered myself and my four older brothers when Shenandoah Memorial had the service available. I had the honor of having Dr Karmy deliver my first child, Mia. It was such a wonderful experience! He even said I would have no problem delivering a 10lb baby! With such a wonderful experience, my husband and I decided a couple years later to try for another baby. When it came close to my delivery date I was saddened to find out Dr Karmy would not be on call. The morning I went into labor, we arrived at Warren Memorial, and to my surprise Dr Karmy was there! A schedule change had occurred and I was beyond thrilled! We had yet another wonderful birthing experience! You will truly be missed by our family Dr Karmy! Thank you all you have done!! We wish you the best in the next chapter of your life!