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How You Can Help

Wearing Masks

We strongly encourage our community members to wear face masks whenever leaving home and particularly when social distancing is not possible. Face masks are also required when inside any Valley Health building. Thank you for keeping our caregivers safe!

Donations of Meals and Gifts

Our staff and patients have been especially grateful of donations, meals and gifts received over the past few months. If you are thinking about making a donation, please follow these guidelines:

Say Thank You to a Caregiver

Our caregivers are driven to bring you the best healthcare. We want to make sure they feel valued every day, but especially during this difficult time. If there is a Valley Health provider you would like to recognize, please visit and join us in thanking them for all they do.

Donate to the COVID-19 Response Effort

Healthcare needs are changing daily and donated funds can assist us in caring for our patients and staff. To make a gift to the COVID-19 Response Effort, visit and select "Where it is Needed Most" for your hospital.

Donate PPE Supplies

Donations of the following PPE items are being accepted (unopened packages only) in the marked bins at Winchester Medical Center South Tower Entrance.

  • Masks: Surgical/pleat masks and N95
  • Gloves: Latex-free only
  • Face shields: Any type
  • Eye protection: Any type
  • 3D Printed Ear Savers and Face Shields

For corporate donations of supplies, large deliveries, or sharing the capability of producing supplies (ex. manufacturing, 3D printing), please contact us at

Making Hand-Sewn Masks

Back in April 2020, in just two week’s time, our community made and donated over 17,000 hand-sewn masks as part of our Sew Helpful Community Challenge. We had hoped to receive 10,000 masks—and thanks to you, we smashed that goal. Since then we have continued to receive mask donations and the total number now exceeds 23,000 masks. These masks are in use today, protecting our care givers and patients and helping us preserve and extend our supply of personal protective equipment.

Our heartfelt thanks extends to all of those who made and donated the hand sewn masks, enabling our employees to remain safe while at work caring for our community. We are preserving the remaining masks for new employees and for use as we head into the fall and winter. We are also working with our community partners and providers to make cloth masks available to underserved populations – where additional masks may be needed to help prevent continued spread of the COVID-19 virus.

We will continue to accept facemask donations and use them to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of our patients and staff, as well as those in our community who may not have access to a facemask.


Please call 540-536-6939 or email for instructions on dropping-off new mask donations. Finished masks should be placed in a bag with the number of enclosed masks written visibly on the outside of the bag. Masks will be sanitized before being distributed to staff.

In order to ensure the highest possible level of protection, please follow these step-by-step instructions for making masks with elastic and masks without elastic.

Step-by-Step Videos

Ruth Rau of Mouse Loves Pig® shares a step by step video guide to making hand-sewn masks for Valley Health caregivers.

Video Instruction (Without Elastic)

Video Instruction (With Elastic)