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Valley Health Begins Phone Outreach to Discharged Patients

Valley Health has partnered with Connect by National Research Corporation (NRC) to provide a telephone outreach program for patients who receive care in the Emergency Departments at Winchester Medical Center, Shenandoah Memorial Hospital, Warren Memorial Hospital and Page Memorial Hospital. The program will begin in mid-January.

Before leaving the hospital – whether after a two-hour Emergency Department visit or a longer inpatient admission -- every patient receives a discharge plan with written instructions and reminders for follow-up care in order to continue healing at home.

“We recognize that someone who isn’t feeling 100% may be distracted, misplace the discharge instructions, or be confused about their meaning and have questions,” said Carla Dallmann, BSN, MBA, MJ, Valley Health Vice President, Quality, Safety, Patient Experience and Risk Management. “One of the most effective ways to assure a patient understands how to continue their healing at home is to assess their understanding of the discharge plan with a brief phone call one to three days after discharge.”

The new “Connect” program uses an automated call with a natural female voice, plus a pre-recorded message from nursing leadership, to contact patients within 24-72 hours of leaving the hospital. The calls last approximately two minutes, and will help the hospital identify any follow-up care questions or customer service issues the patient may have. If there are any concerns that need to be addressed, the call will be forwarded to a live person at Valley Health.

“We’re excited to roll out this new program and want to encourage patients and their family members to anticipate and participate in the call,” Dallmann continued. “These are important follow-up calls which, we hope, will reinforce helpful information and provide a convenient opportunity for feedback.”

Valley Health expects to expand the program throughout the year to include patients discharged from other inpatient units.