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Goals and Outcomes

Mission Statement

“Serving our community by educating caring, competent entry-level Radiologic Technologists.”

Goals and Outcomes

Goal 1

Upon completion of the program, graduates will demonstrate cognitive and psychomotor skills necessary for clinical competence.

  • Graduates will provide a level of care to satisfy the needs of a diverse population
  • Graduates will demonstrate clinical competency as an entry-level technologist
  • Students will demonstrate continual assessment of patient condition for safety and satisfaction during all medical imaging examinations

Goal 2

Students will graduate with the ability to interact as a healthcare worker in a compassionate, ethical and professional manner.

  • Students will recognize the significance of professional organizations and membership
  • Students will model professional conduct through participation in VSRT/ASRT meetings and educational publications

Goal 3

Students will graduate with the necessary oral and written communication skills to interact with patients and other healthcare providers.

  • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills
  • Students will demonstrate effective written communication skills

Goal 4

Students will be able to think critically and solve problems in their clinical work environment integrating clinical and didactic (medical imaging, anatomy, positioning, equipment, patient care, radiation biology/protection, radiographic quality/quality assurance and radiologic physics) instruction.

  • Students will develop critical thinking skills
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to verbalize solutions to deficiencies of image quality.
  • Students will adapt positioning and technique as appropriate to patient condition.
  • Students will demonstrate radiation protection behaviors that demonstrate ALARA